Our Call to ACtion

The goal of our food system should be to produce healthy, affordable food that is accessible for all Americans, protects our health and our environment, treats animals humanely, and protects our farmers and keeps them farming their land.

We believe that our food and farm policies should:

1. Grow More Organic.

Currently, less than 1 percent of our cropland is dedicated to growing organic crops. If we invested more in organic farming, we’d not only protect the environment, but we’d make organic food more accessible for everyone – meaning more clean, healthy food for our families, grown right here in the United States.

2. Invest in clean water and healthy animals.

Current farming practices are making us sick. The overuse of antibiotics in farming has led to the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Runoff of manure, fertilizers and pesticides into lakes, rivers, and streams is affecting our drinking water and leading to the rise of toxic algal blooms.

3. fight hunger and food insecurity. 

Too many Americans, especially children, go hungry every day. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a vital part of feeding America’s hungry and should be strengthened and modernized, instead of constantly being under the threat of cuts.

4. revitalize LAnd and reduce food waste.

If American households, food producers, restaurants, and everyone else up and down the food chain reduced food waste, we could reduce the environmental footprint of food waste and create opportunities to alleviate hunger. Food and farm policies that support urban agriculture can turn challenges into economic opportunities for cities and local communities.